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Amicus technology is used to provide banks with a digital experience platform for their DAF customers integrated with other financial services offerings. We can work with the Donor Advised Fund sponsor of your choice, or offer DAF sponsorship through our partner, GiveClear.

community foundations

Amicus supports the mission of community foundations by providing mobile technology to power a superior giving experience for multi-generational donors and fund holders. Feature your own charitable activities or activities from partners with curated content, highlight events, and show your donors a complete picture of local need.

workplace giving

Amicus supports employee giving, volunteering,  and corporate matching programs using DAF accounts with our partner, GiveClear. The DAF account acts like a 401(k) for your employees' giving, simplifying program administration, and maximizing the benefit to the employee.


Amicus connects non-profits and charitable dollars held in Donor Advised Funds. Amicus technology supports the posting of projects eligible for funding and for reporting results back to donors.Through our Donor Advised Fund partners, non-profits receive exposure to a growing pool of new donors and funding.

our technology


Our platform has been designed in co-operation with donors like you to create a simple, immersive giving experience. The result ? An Amicus-powered DAF that makes it easy to manage a DAF Account from any device — desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Amicus is built to support the scale of the vision - hundreds of millions of DAF accounts, hundreds of thousands of charities, and billions of transactions. 


Our SaaS-based DAF solution supports rapid deployment  and is designed to integrate with existing back office accounting and donor management systems. The platform can be customized to be integrated with any branding environment.


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